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Tips For Planning Your Perfect Prom


Are you on the Prom Planning Committee?  While Prom Season is fast approaching, there is still time to plan and execute the Perfect Prom for you and your classmates.  Planning a large event can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it helps to break down the steps one by one.

First, you’ll need to select your location.  You’ll need to involve your school leaders in all decisions to obtain final approval.  Our event planners at The Legacy Castle are more than happy to help sort out all the details involved.  To schedule a tour and speak to a planner, give us a call at 973-907-7750.

Once you have your venue booked, you need to finalize your theme and song.  Select a few that you think will appeal to your classmates and submit them for a final vote.  You can also get input for the song from your classmates as well.  Choose five or six popular songs to include on the ballot.  You may want to select the song first and build the theme around that.

Now that you have your song, you need music!  Deciding on a Band or DJ can be a difficult decision as the music will set the mood for the entire evening.  You’ll want to choose someone who plays a variety of Top 40 hits, with a nice mix of dance party classics.

Next, you’ll need invitations.  Many people keep their prom invites as a sentimental timepiece.  Your invite should include location, time, date, and theme.  Make sure to choose one that’s both informative and memorable, and worthy of holding on to.

Now that you’ve invited everyone, it’s time to think about feeding them.  Whether you opt for a sit-down dinner or a buffet, the food is key.  Select a menu that offers a variety of adored and familiar foods.  If everyone on your prom committee finds your selections delish, changes are there will be something appealing for all the people in your class.

Lastly, you don’t want to forget about party favors.  Work with your committee to find something that fits your theme, is memorable, and also budget-friendly.  You could also consider locally-made keepsakes that will remind your classmates of your town or mascot when they head off to college.


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