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What To Do When Things Don’t Go As Planned


You’ve been planning for this day for months, if not years.  Every detail has been carefully thought out and arranged exactly to your liking.  You have contingency plans in place for bad weather, you have extra makeup and hair products for touch ups throughout the day… you’ve got this!  But what happens when it all doesn’t go according to plan?  Are you prepared for that?

Use Your Sense of Humor When you drop your bouquet in a mud puddle, or the breeze keeps blowing out your unity candle, try your best to laugh.  You’ll have a memorable moment to look back on, and the pictures will be that much better when you’re laughing in them.

No One Invited Bridezilla So leave her at home.  Demanding and raising your voice are unlikely to get you what you’re after.  Kindness goes a long way!

Prioritize! If the linens aren’t the exact shade of azure you pictured, or the dessert forks aren’t in the right place… let it go.  The more aggressively you behave, the more our guests will notice.  If you’re having a great time, so will everyone else.

Let Your Love Shine When all is said and done, your wedding is about you and your new spouse and spending the rest of your lives together.  Let that love flow!  A radiant couple is a happy couple with happy guests.

Remember Your Manners Say Thank You to the vendors who did their best.  And pass on what you’ve learned.  If a vendor really let you down or didn’t hold up their end, leave a detailed review so the next bride knows what to avoid.

The best advice we have is to simply relax.  Expect the unexpected.  You can’t control everything, so try to focus on the things that did go right.  And go enjoy the rest of your lives together!




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