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Wedding Traditions to Skip


Traditions served as a means to provide structure and order to a chaotic day for the Bride and Groom.  These days, many couples are opting for more casual, modern twists on the old standards, and we love it!

The Bridal Party It used to be the bridal party had to wear matching dresses in the same color.  And bridesmaids were women, groomsmen were men.  This is not always the case anymore. Mismatched dresses, rainbows of color, and mixed-sex bridal parties are occurring more and more.  Why not let your party consist of who matters most?  And allowing them to choose the style or color that suits them best will shine through in their comfort level walking down the aisle.

The Veil This tradition started as a way to protect the bride against evil spirits.  If you find the veil to be stuffy or old-fashioned, change it up!  Opt for a sparkly tiara, a floral crown, or simple jewels peppered through your hair.

The Bouquet and Garter Toss More often than not, your single friends may not want to call attention to themselves… or you may not have many single friends to begin with. While this tradition is usually done all in good fun, many couples are opting to forego this one altogether.

The Receiving Line This tradition is generally done for good etiquette but can be very time consuming.  Rather than having a long line and thanking each and every person individually on their way out, take time instead to visit each table throughout your reception and spend a few minutes chatting with your guests.

The First Dance If the idea of all eyes on you makes you a little uncomfortable, skip it!  You can still get the reception started with a much shorter champagne toast, and then invite everyone to the floor for a group dance party!

Whatever your personal style or traditions, don’t feel boxed into doing things a certain way.  This is YOUR day, and you should feel comfortable making it however you want it.



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