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Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Season for You

Now that you’re engaged, the first question on everyone’s mind is “Did you set a date yet?” Here are some tips to help you choose the best time of year for you.

The average engagement lasts 15 months, so you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to do everything. Is there a particular vendor you have your heart set on? It might be a good idea to get a sense of their availability. Our event planners are available at 973-907-7750.

Is there a date that’s meaningful to both of you? Anniversary of your first date or your first kiss? The first time you said “I love you.” Astrological dates? A holiday that means a lot to you? Even if you can’t get the exact day, narrowing it down to a season is a great start.

If your budget is a driving factor, June, September, and October tend to be quite popular months and can therefore be a bit pricier. The cheapest months are typically March, April, and November. Also, Saturday is generally the most expensive day of the week to tie the knot. Do you already have your dream honeymoon destination? You might want to plan your wedding on the best time of year for travel and tourism to your honeymoon. Is there a rainy season to consider? Extreme temperatures?

Each season has pros and cons. Winter has off-season pricing and the snow provides amazing photography, and difficult travel conditions. Spring is great for flower lovers and the symbolism of new life, and often has unpredictable weather patterns. Summer is typically easiest for travel with the longest days of the year, and also has sweltering heat and plenty of bugs. Fall gives you all the cozy vibes and plenty of holiday weekends to choose from, and may have unpredictable weather patterns as well.

When you’re ready to check for availability, give our event planners a call. We can’t wait to help plan the wedding of your dreams, no matter the season.





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