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Staying Cool During Your Summer Wedding

A lot of brides dream of the perfect summer day to say their I DOs.  But what is your plan if your perfect summer day comes with melting makeup and sweat-soaked attire?  Check out these tips to stave off the summer heat during your big day.

  • Use a Setting Spray. Setting sprays will help your makeup stay flawless despite the rising outdoor temperatures and keep your photos looking ideal.  Also, be sure your makeup artist specializes in weddings.  They have plenty of tips and tricks to get your makeup to stay picture perfect through sweat, tears, and 12-hour days.
  • Start Prepping Early. Begin your beauty routine in a cool room to help keep your body temperature low.  Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t start sweating and rushing around.
  • Plan for Indoor Photography. Taking your portraits inside is a great way to stay cool for a little longer.  Opt for spacious places with plenty of natural light.
  • Dress for the Season. Go for simple, lightweight styles that let you move.  Stay away from heavy fabrics and too many embellishments.
  • Offer Plenty of Shade. If your ceremony is outside, find somewhere with lots of shade.  Also, consider wearing a chic hat to create your own shade and accessorize your style.
  • Use the Sun to your Advantage. Plan your ceremony with the direction of the sun in mind.  You’ll get plenty of backlit photography and the colors of the sunset will make for some stunning images.
  • Opt for an Updo. This will not only keep you cooler, you won’t have to combat humidity or summer wind.  Accentuate your neck and shoulders and keep your style in place all day.



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