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Say YES to Your Dress

You’ve got the perfect partner, the perfect ring, and now you need the perfect dress.  There are so many choices available between colors, styles, fabric, and cuts it can all seem quite daunting!  We’ve put together some tips to help you decide what you do… and don’t… want in your dream dress.

  • Give yourself plenty of time. Ideally, wedding planners recommend giving yourself at least nine months in advance.  This will help guarantee you have plenty of time for the designer to make your dress and have several fittings and alterations before your wedding day.
  • Do your research. Browse Pinterest, magazines, websites, etc. Keep track of what you like and what you don’t, but don’t close yourself off to anything.  Sometimes we think we hate a feature that ends up looking great on us.  Have a good idea, but leave yourself some wiggle room so you don’t pass up a dress that was made for you.
  • Trust your consultant. It’s their job to know what dresses work and what ones don’t. Be sure to tell them exactly why you love or hate a gown they bring you so they can tailor more options to suit your personal taste.
  • Fall in love with your dress. You should love everything about the dress, not just the way it looks.  Is it comfortable?  Can you move freely?  Can you raise your arms?  Does it pinch anywhere?  Spend time in the dresses you try on.

So many brides know right away when they’ve found THE DRESS. Once you have that feeling, choose your accessories, veil, lingerie, shoes, and anything else you want to have with you when you walk down the aisle.




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