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Planning a Honeymoon during Covid

Much to the surprise of many, most of the world is still operating under some kind of restriction. So, what does that mean for your wedding and honeymoon?  We’ve put together some tips to consider when planning your first official vacation of your married life.

For starters, try to plan a vacation somewhere that’s new to both of you.  Leave old memories of vacations in the past and build new memories together.

Learn to go with the flow and remember less can often be more. It may not be the destination you’ve been dreaming of, however domestic locations have a lot going for them.  Unique destinations such as boutique hotels would likely love some extra business and may even work with you on specifics or protocols to make you more comfortable during your stay.  Take this opportunity to explore a region you’ve never been to.

It’s a good idea to wait to plan until closer to your expected travel date. Restrictions are still being lifted and implemented depending on daily cases. Also, traveling at all is a personal choice. Ask yourself if you’re comfortable with new destinations, possibly needing to quarantine, and navigating all the different safety protocols.  If you’re not, it’s okay to plan a more luxurious honeymoon a year or two from now.  It would make a wonderful anniversary gift to yourselves.




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