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How to Deal with Wedding Day Jitters


First, pre-wedding jitters and cold feet are perfectly normal.  That being said, they do often start making you think about the Big Questions… Am I making a mistake?  Am I ready?  Do I want this for the rest of my life?  We’ve compiled a list of the top jitters with some suggestions on how to work through them.

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People. Anyone with hidden agenda surrounding your nuptials should not be around you.  If certain friends or family members are causing problems, do not engage with them.
  • Voice your Anxieties. Rather than letting your doubts overwhelm you, confide in your closest friends.  Confronting your anxieties and working through them will reduce your stress.
  • Just Breathe. If you start feeling anxious, focus on your breathing.  Take up yoga!  Spend even 5 minutes each day focusing on your breathing and your diaphragm to deal with your worries.
  • Daydream About Your Future. After all, that’s why you’re getting married, right?  Envision your amazing wedding ahead of you sharing it with all the people who love you.
  • Allow Yourself to be Overwhelmed. You’ve planned a major life event, being overwhelmed is expected.  Be kind to yourself, show yourself some grace.
  • It’s OK to Hate the Planning Process. Not everyone has a wedding countdown clock and spends hours scouring Pinterest Boards.  Your color scheme is not as important or memorable as you think it is.
  • Accept Help. Let your friends dote on you and don’t be afraid to show them every wedding magazine you’ve obsessed over.  They are your friends, that’s what they’re for.


You WILL have a good time at your wedding.  It WILL be worth all the stress and anxiety.  You ARE going to love it.  And make sure you give yourself a break in the days or weeks before the big day.  Give yourself a huge pat on the back for making it this far.  And maybe pour yourself some wine.

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