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How to Choose Your Bridal Party


He’s popped the question, you’ve said yes… now it’s time to choose who’s going to stand up with you on the big day.  There’s a lot to consider when choosing your Bridal Party.  Will you be traditional?  A bit more modern?  Throw customs to the wind and forego a bridal party altogether?  Here’s some tips and tricks to building your perfect bridal party:

Think Before You Ask. Take your time with this decision.  Ask yourself if this person will still be important in your life in five years.  If you’re on the fence, consider if they fit in with the rest of your party.  If they don’t mesh, leave them off.  Include your siblings, even if you’re not close to them right now.  They will always be family.  If you want your party to be involved every step of the way, it’s best to only ask those friends living in close proximity.  If you’re okay having them show up on the big day in the dress you chose, distance isn’t a factor.

Consider the Size.   While the average wedding party is four attendants on each side, many couples opt for more or less.  If you’re throwing a small, intimate affair, less might be best.  If your guest list is on the larger side your party can be as well, just remember more isn’t always merrier.  There will be more details to organize and more schedules to consider.  You can always keep your party small and give other close friends and relatives other jobs, such as usher or ceremony reader.  And both sides don’t have to be equal.  Love doesn’t come in a boxed set, and neither should your wedding party.

Swapping Gender Roles.  So, the bride’s bestie is a guy?  Shrug off the Maid of Honor custom for a Man of Honor.  And the groom can stand with his Best Woman.  You can both simply have Best People standing with you.  Don’t feel constrained by the Women vs Men roles.  Choose the people who matter most to you, no matter their gender.  Same goes for the children’s roles.  If you don’t have a little boy for Ring Bearer or a little girl to toss flowers down the aisle, don’t worry about it!  You can omit the flower petals altogether and have your little ones carrying a “Here Comes the Bride” banner.

When all is said and done this is your wedding, so make it the best for you!  And when you’re ready to choose your venue, give our event staff a call at 973-907-7750.  We can’t wait to help you have the Wedding of your Dreams!



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