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Getting Through the First Year of Marriage


You did it!  You tied the knot, you found “the one,” you sealed it with a kiss.  Now you’re ready for a lifetime of wedded bliss, right?  It’s okay, normal, and expected to have hurdles and challenges specifically unique to your first year of marriage.  We’ve gathered some tips to help make those first twelve months as easy as possible.

Make Your House a Home
Collaborate.  This is the space you should both want to spend time together.  Think happy, and cozy, and warm.  Make your home your oasis from the rest of the world.

Keep Dating
Put your phone down at the dinner table.  Dress up and go out.  Win each other over again and again and again.

Give Yourself Permission…
… to lean on your partner.  To have a bad day.  To take care of yourself first.  Don’t lose yourself in your new role as spouse.  Set aside time for friends.  Maintain your hobbies.

Say Thank You
Mind your manners.  Kurt Vonnegut wrote “a little less love, a little more common decency.”  We can often take those closest to us for granted.  We’ll thank a stranger for holding a door for us, and come to expect it from our partner.  Thank each other for the little things.

Equal Won’t Always Mean 50/50
Sometimes, you’re overwhelmed at work and your spouse will take on most of the housework.  There’s always going to be an ebb and flow, it’s important to ebb and flow yourselves.

Whatever happens, remember that no marriage is perfect during any year.  Focus on enjoying each other, spend lazy days in bed, make each other coffee in the morning.  Remember why you chose each other.


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