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Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress


Finding your wedding dress can be both exciting and scary.  There are so many fabrics and styles and colors and cuts… how do you know where to begin?  It doesn’t have to be as daunting as it appears.  Take a look as some tips we’ve compiled to help you navigate figuring out what you DO and DON’T want in your dress.

  1. START EARLY! In a perfect world, you’ll want to begin shopping for your dress at least nine months in advance.  This ensures you’ll have ample time for multiple fittings and alterations.  If you don’t have this much time, most bridal salons will still rush an order, though it will likely incur a fee.
  2. To save time at the salon, browse magazines and Pinterest boards at home. Save the dresses that appeal to you and choose your favorites.  Do you notice a pattern?  Are all the dresses you’ve saved ballgowns?  Mermaid cuts?  Beaded or Plain?  Make a list of the features you think you’ll prefer
  3. Conversely, don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone. Trust your consultant at the salon.  It is literally their job to know their inventory and pick out dresses.  You may surprise yourself and love the gown you least expect.  Be sure to tell your consultant exactly WHY you love or hate a gown you’ve tried on so they can choose styles based on your opinions.
  4. Love your Dress. Comfort is important so you have to like the feel as well as the fit.  Be sure you can breathe and sit easily.  Raise your arms above your head, bounce a little, move around the salon.  Are you constricted?  Does your gown pinch?  And spend plenty of time looking at yourself in the mirror.  Many brides have an immediate feeling when the see themselves in “THE” dress.

When you find the one, get your confirmations in writing.  You’ll want to know the arrival date, fitting times, and pick up information.  Decide what accessories you still need, such as a veil, lingerie, shoes, etc. and have them with you at each fitting.

Don’t be discouraged if your perfect dress isn’t at the first store you try.  When you find it, you’ll know.  Enjoy the process.


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