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Expect the Unexpected. Planning your Wedding Day Weather


While everyone wants to believe their wedding day will be perfect, that’s not always the case.  This time of year brings cooler temps and the possibility of early snowfall.  So, what will you do if your Fall Foliage wedding has unexpectedly turned into a Winter Wonderland?

Firstly, you have to give yourself the gift of time.  Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with a contingency plan.  You’ll want several weeks, if not months, to think things through and cover all your bases.

While you’re making your plan, be sure to speak to your venue.  Will they clear snow around the grounds for your guests and photography?  Do they have a generator in the case of power outages?

Consider bringing some warm props for your photographs.  A cozy blanket in your wedding colors, an heirloom shawl to keep your shoulders warm, cute sweaters for your bridesmaids… you can even hide hand warmers in your pockets to warm up between shoots.

And most importantly, Embrace It!  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!  Think of your wedding pictures with snow and lights all around you.  Or how rain and fog can make everything seem more romantic.  At the Legacy Castle, we take all weather into consideration.  Give us a call today to plan your dream wedding, no matter what falls from the sky!




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