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Dressing Your Groom

Everyone talks about the bridal gown and how important the dress is for that long walk down the aisle.  But what about the Groom’s clothes?  Let’s focus on the Groom!  It all comes down to one simple rule… what you wear on your wedding day should be something you’ll wear again and again.

You’ll want to consider your venue, season, and theme.  A tuxedo might seem out of place at a garden wedding, so incorporate your clothing style into your wedding style during the planning process.

When choosing what you want to wear, consider these few tips:

  • You and your groomsmen should match
  • Your attire should compliment the bridesmaids
  • Shirt and Jacket sleeves should end at the wrist bone
  • Cummerbunds should be worn with the pleats up
  • Shirts should fit snuggly around the neck

Start by wearing something that will make you feel like the best version of yourself.  Do you love sporting a formal tuxedo?  Are you more of a sport coat kind of guy?  Whatever you gravitate toward, choose that.  Your comfort level will show in your pictures.  And pictures last forever.


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