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Coping With Heat On Your Wedding Day


It’s finally here!  The day you’ve been dreaming of for months if not years.  And the thermometer just keeps on rising…  So, what now?  Planning a summer wedding can certainly leave you with comfort issues.  Here’s some tips to help you plan the day if you’re concerned you may end up married during the hottest week on record:

  • Adjust the Time. How about a sunset ceremony?  Starting your wedding as the sun is going down will allow you to skip the hottest part of the day.
  • Water wedding anyone? Selecting a beach or lakeside venue will help keep things cool.
  • Use Your Favors. Have your program printed on fans or leave parasols for the guests to shade themselves.
  • Don’t Forget to Hydrate! Have a table with water, iced tea, or lemonade for your guests to sip during your ceremony.
  • Get wet. No, not you!  Ask your venue to hose down any concrete or brick walkways to get ahead of radiating heat.
  • Spritzing Station. Consider providing misters with fans for guests to get a bit of cool water to cool down.

Whatever the temperature, this is your day.  There’s a chance you’ll be so caught up in everything you won’t even notice the temps.  Remember to take the day in stride.  Plan as you will, things always come up.  Roll with the punches and focus on the rest of your happily married life, the wedding day is just a snapshot.



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