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Choosing your Wedding Photographer


When planning your wedding, the only thing more important than choosing your spouse is choosing your wedding photographer. Well, maybe not more important, but your photographer is an invaluable part of your wedding day. They are the ones that are responsible for capturing the happiest day of your life. Plus, you will probably see your photographer more than your groom! Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to choose the right one. When choosing your photographer you should consider three things: style, personality, and budget.

First, start by browsing the work of photographers in your area. Check out their portfolios and notice their wedding pictures in particular. What type of mood do their photos portray? Does it align with how you want your photos to feel? It is important to consider both shooting and editing styles for your photos. Some photographers capture standard, timeless wedding pictures while others take a more artistic approach. This means that your images will look vastly different depending on who is behind the lens. Further, different editing styles can completely transform the feeling of a photo. Do you want a darker, moody look? Or a light and airy feel? Keep this in mind when reviewing portfolios.

Most importantly, you should hire someone who you feel comfortable with. If you are nervous or shy around your photographer it will show in your pictures. You want to be able to focus on your loved ones and not your photographer on your wedding day. So, make sure that you meet with them beforehand so you can get an idea of their personality. Many couples schedule engagement pictures with their photographer before their big day. This will give you and your photographer time to get to know each other behind and in front of the camera.

With all of the expenses of planning a wedding, it can be hard to stick to a budget. Photographers can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, meaning there is a photographer for everyone. You should consider your expectations for your photographer when determining your budget. While anyone with a smartphone can do a decent job of capturing everyday moments, if you want artistic images or full coverage you may consider expanding your budget. In most cases you get what you pay for, and this is no exception! Most professionals include hours of coverage on your wedding day, photo albums, and hundreds/thousands of images. Some even include free engagement shoots, highlight videos, or drone footage. If these things add value for your wedding, you might consider paying a higher price to capture those memories.

In all, photographers are a vital part of your wedding day. They will capture all of the hard work you put into creating your perfect wedding. You will look back on their work for years to come, so choose wisely!



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