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Avoiding Common Wedding Guest Complaints


While it’s true that your wedding is about you, your guests should have an enjoyable experience as well.  To ensure everyone has a fabulous time, try to avoid these common wedding day blunders:

The Date. It’s best not to expect your guests to forfeit yearly events such as the Super Bowl or World Series, and disrupting holiday traditions may not be a good idea either.  If you absolutely need to plan your day close to a major event, it’s best to check with your closest friends and loved ones first to see if they’d be open to attending before locking anything in.  It’s also a good idea to send out your save-the-date cards sooner than usual to give your guests ample time to make alternate arrangements.

Plus One. You should familiarize yourself with proper invitation etiquette to avoid any confusion with dates allowed or even children invitees.  Or you could write the name of each guest on the response card with a “will attend” or “won’t attend” box for each.  And in the event of a wrong assumption, it’s best to be as kind as possible.

The Seating Chart. If your guests are packed in like cattle, you’ve crammed too many people at too few tables.  While Aunt Milly absolutely has to sit at her table of choice, it might be a better option to sit her adjacent so she can still Ooh and Aww without knocking over a water glass.  Also, keep your centerpieces at a conversation-friendly height, or ensure the base of your towering piece is narrow enough to see around.

The Bar.  Cash bars are a major no-no.  We understand that open bars can be on the pricy side, so if that’s not a financial option consider serving a limited selection of wine, beer, and champagne, or a couple of signature drinks.

Having the wedding of your dreams is the most important part of being a Bride or Groom. Ensuring the happiness of your guests should be part of that dream as well.  For help balancing the nuances of your big day, give our consultants a call at 973-907-7750.



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